How CoolSculpting® Works to Diminish Excess Fat

Time flies, which means bikini season will come back around before you know it. You’ll want to be ready, so you should be familiar with CoolSculpting.

It’s by no means a new thing. In fact, CoolSculpting, originally dubbed cryolipolysis, was discovered, we believe, when doctors realized that kids who ate lots of ice pops experienced a loss of fat in their cheeks.

Fat is more sensitive to temperature than skin. It goes through a cell death process even before your skin does, which is why people turn to fat-freezing treatments.

The FDA approved CoolSculpting in 2010. It gained attention as a fast, effective, and noninvasive alternative to the popular liposuction treatment. CoolSculpting promises to diminish excess fat with a quick wave of a cooling paddle. And it works!

How CoolSculpting works

Dr. Evans Bailey and the dermatology team at Naaman Clinic perform CoolSculpting treatments in their office, with an emphasis on your comfort and safety.
CoolSculpting uses one of four different-sized paddles to freeze and kill off fat cells, which exit your body naturally and for good. While you sit comfortably, cooling panels get to work crystallizing your stubborn fat cells.

The entire procedure is so relaxed, you can watch a movie or do some work on your laptop, or even take a nap.

What to expect during and after CoolSculpting

During a CoolSculpting procedure, Dr. Bailey applies the rounded applicators directly to the area you want to treat. For several minutes, you might experience a mild tingling sensation, but that goes away as the treated area becomes numb. The fat cells under your skin are cooled for about an hour and then the area is massaged for a couple of minutes.

Unlike surgical fat removal procedures, CoolSculpting allows you to carry on with your daily routine right away.

Results, of course, vary from one patient to another, and you may need one to three treatments depending on the areas of fat you want to blast. Fat reduction in the inner thigh area may require several extra sessions.

We usually recommend that you wait a week or two between sessions to give your body a chance to heal, for the skin to adjust, and for dead fat cells to flush away.

Blast those stubborn fat areas

When you realize just how many parts of your body CoolSculpting can improve, it may be difficult to know where to start.

Look in the mirror and decide which areas of your body concern you the most. Some areas tend to respond better to the treatment than others, but everyone is different. We provide you with a personalized approach to blast excess fat and maximize your treatment results.

The body has two kinds of fat tissue: fat deep within the body and fat close to the surface. CoolSculpting treats surface fat, which is less dense, and you can usually pinch it between your fingers. Any area that you can pinch might benefit from CoolSculpting.

The treatment can be used on many parts of your body, but it’s most commonly used to blast excess fat in the following areas:

CoolSculpting can also be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your arms, legs, and buttocks.

If you’d like to discuss CoolSculpting as a way of getting rid of stubborn fat, book a consultation at Naaman Clinic today.

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