Reversing the Signs of Aging with DermaSweep

For almost all of us, the signs of aging start showing up on our faces a lot sooner than we’d like. This might include lines, wrinkles, discoloration, sagging skin, fragile or bruised skin, and large pores. Fortunately for us all, dermatology is making progress in treating the signs of aging, and many of these treatments can actually reverse these signs after they appear.

At the Naaman Clinic, Dr. Evans Bailey offers DermaSweepⓇ, a technique that combines microdermabrasion and chemical peels to address many of the signs of aging and restore the youthful vibrance of your skin.

Keep reading to find out if DermaSweep might be the right treatment for you.

How DermaSweep works

As mentioned, DermaSweep is a specialized skincare treatment that combines microdermabrasion with individualized chemical peels.

The treatment involves a brush that gently scrapes away dead skin cells while encouraging your body to repair your collagen and increase the circulation to blood vessels in your face. This allows more nutrients to travel to your skin, while impurities are taken away more efficiently.

After the microdermabrasion, a chemical peel is added to the surface of your skin and massaged in with significant pressure from the DermaSweep device. Peels can help break down age spots and scarring from acne, reduce the appearance of pores, and strengthen your skin, among other things.

The whole DermaSweep procedure takes about 30 minutes and is pain-free. Immediately after your treatment, your skin should feel fresh and smooth, with a healthy glow, and you can return to your normal activities.

Assessing your skin and creating a plan

No two people age the same. Some people may have wrinkles and fragile skin, while others may develop more discoloration and rough skin.

One of the main advantages of DermaSweep over other methods for reducing signs of aging is that it is highly customizable. During your initial appointment with Dr. Bailey, he assesses your skin for signs of aging and discusses your concerns as well as your aesthetic goals. Together, you’ll determine which signs of aging you want to address and how.

Dr. Bailey will select the appropriate mix of chemical peels to apply to your skin during each session. Since most treatment plans involve three or more DermaSweep sessions, Dr. Bailey will be able to adjust the mixture of peels based on how your skin responds to the first treatment.

What results to expect

DermaSweep can treat mild to moderate wrinkling as well as mild to severe discoloration associated with aging, mild scars, skin fragility, and large pores. After the first session, your skin will feel smoother and look fresher. You may experience some pinkness for several hours after the treatment, similar to a flush.

After 3-6 treatments, your results should last for several months. These should include more elastic skin, fewer lines and wrinkles, and a more even skin tone.

If you have more severe damage, Dr. Bailey may suggest a multi-pronged approach that includes both DermaSweep and a laser treatment or dermal fillers, depending on your desired results.  

Supporting your treatment with at-home care for lasting effects

As with all anti-aging treatments, DermaSweep is not permanent; however, you can increase the duration of your results with a few lifestyle changes you can make at home.

First, Dr. Bailey will discuss a skincare routine with you and suggest an appropriate sunscreen and moisturizer for your specific needs. You should follow his instructions and use these products daily.

Next, you should consider behavior changes that can improve lines and wrinkles. For example, daily relaxation techniques can help reduce scowling and lines associated with concentration.

If you’re interested in learning more about how DermaSweep can reverse your specific signs of aging, call the Birmingham or Montgomery, Alabama office, or book an appointment online now.

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