Why Is Collagen So Important for Youthful Looking Skin?

Have you noticed that your skin is changing — and not for the better? Have wrinkles, fine lines, and droopy skin affected your self-confidence along with your appearance?

At the Naaman Clinic, with multiple offices in the Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama areas, we understand how easily skin that looks older on the outside than you feel on the inside can impact your self-esteem. We want to help you look and feel your best this holiday season. 

Evans Bailey, MD, and our entire skincare team offer skilled and compassionate care to help the health and appearance of your skin be the best they can be. If you’re hoping to turn back the clock this winter, our collagen-stimulating treatments might be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

This helpful article will explain how collagen impacts the look and feel of your skin. Read on to learn more about why collagen is so important for youthful-looking skin. 

What is collagen and how does it work?

Collagen is an essential part of your body and its ability to function. It works to support your body’s structures like scaffolding. This tough protein is found almost everywhere from muscles and tendons to bone and skin and is the most abundant protein in your body. 

In addition to providing structural support, collagen keeps your joints and bones healthy, is part of the protective structure around essential organs, and helps make up the smooth muscle tissue in your body. It’s also the biggest part of the elements that make up your hair and nails.

How does collagen affect my skin?

When you look in the mirror, you’re only seeing the top layer of your skin. While that’s where you may notice signs of aging, the process begins beneath the surface. 

In the middle layer of your skin, collagen and other cells join forces to make the tissue your body needs to form new skin cells. The more collagen you produce, the more frequently the top layer of skin is replaced, keeping skin looking firmer and youthful. 

As you get older, you begin to make less and less collagen. By your mid-40s, the amount of collagen you produce dramatically drops. For women, menopause brings about another significant decrease, and by 60, collagen production will have declined considerably for both genders.     

As collagen decrease, you may notice the effects on your skin. The most common symptoms of decreasing collagen production include:

Is it possible to improve my collagen levels?

While some aspects of aging are irreversible, collagen production isn’t one of them. If you’re hoping for more youthful-looking skin, some options can help you turn back the clock on your skin’s appearance.  

Collagen production works cumulatively, meaning the more collagen already present in your system, the more collagen your body will make. It’s possible to jumpstart collagen production naturally — and keep it elevated — to create youthful, healthy skin. 

The Naaman Clinic offers several treatments that boost your collagen levels to create tighter, younger-looking skin. For example, our CO2 laser resurfacing and filler treatments take away the years while stimulating your body’s natural collagen production. 

Our team works with you to determine the best course of treatment based on your skin and goals.  

Where can I go for more information?

Are you ready to turn back time and boost your natural collagen production for younger, healthier skin? Dr. Bailey and our team at the Naaman Clinic can help. After evaluating your skin, we create the best plan for treatments and skincare services to help you reach your goals.

Celebrate in style this holiday season with youthful-looking skin. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll see a younger you looking back in the mirror.

Contact our office or book an appointment online at the office most convenient to you and start your journey to youthful-look skin today! 

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