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Even if it’s been years since you had an acne breakout, the after-effects of scarring can leave their mark. Acne scars develop for a variety of reasons, but even if unsightly scars have been there for years, you don’t have to live with them. Men and women throughout Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama, have options for minimizing the appearance of acne scars. Top dermatologist Evans Bailey, MD, Ph.D. and his team at Naaman Clinic offer fillers, laser resurfacing, and many other modern acne scar treatments. Schedule your consultation by calling either office or by requesting an appointment online.

Acne Scars Q & A

What causes acne scars?

Severe acne breakouts can penetrate throughout several layers of your skin, which damages deeper skin tissues. As acne heals, your skin goes into overdrive to repair the damage. Part of this healing process involves producing more collagen, the connective tissue that gives skin its structure.

If your skin makes too much or too little collagen, scars develop. Sunken or depressed scars happen because your body didn’t produce enough collagen to replenish your skin. If you have raised acne scars, it means that your skin wound up with excess collagen in that area.

It’s also possible to have acne scars that are barely detectable. Then as you age and start losing collagen naturally, those old acne scars start becoming more noticeable.

How are acne scars treated?

Treating acne scars often involves several different types of solutions to restore your skin’s health and minimize the scar’s appearance. Laser skin resurfacing and clinical chemical peels are some of the best ways to gently remove the damaged layer of your skin, forcing the healthy new skin to the surface.

If you have deep, depressed scars, you may benefit from dermal fillers. These injections help plump and fill in areas that appear sunken due to severe acne breakouts. If you have raised scars, Dr. Bailey could suggest corticosteroid injections to soothe your skin and reduce inflammation.

There are plenty of prescription-strength topical creams and ointments that can help heal and rejuvenate your skin, too. Dr. Bailey puts together several different types of treatment options, based on your needs and desired outcome.

Can I prevent acne scars from coming back?

Often, yes. There are several things you can do to minimize your risk of future acne scarring.

For instance, the longer you wait to treat an acne breakout, the higher your risk of scarring. Dr. Bailey can help you find a solution to handle breakouts when they occur, especially if you have known scar-causing acne, like cysts or nodules.
You should also avoid picking or popping your pimples. Doing so can irritate your skin and spread bacteria to worsen your breakout.

Some people are more prone to acne scars than others because of genetics. While you can’t change your genes, you can work closely with Dr. Bailey to ensure your acne breakouts are under control to prevent future scarring.

The team at Naaman Clinic understands how devastating acne scars can be and provides flexible scheduling for treatment consultations. Call either office or book your appointment online.

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